The 32nd Coffee Club is a collective of highly experienced  content creators offering a few bespoke services.

1) Adaptations, "versionings" and modifications

This is for everyone out there but we think Ad Agency TV Producers are especially going to love it.

If you have existing content and need it modified eg a longer ad/content needs to to made shorter for more cost effective media buying purposes, format changes from 16x9 to 1x1 or 9x16 for different platforms, we can help. But our offer is slightly different:

We work in phases to hopefully save you time and money.

We know that sometimes, because a longer ad was not really designed to be shorter or a 16x9 just does not work as a 9x16, the results can be dissapointing, frustrating and costly. So our idea is to break down the process so that it can be stopped at certain stages and cost less.

Here is how it works:

You have an existing video that needs to be cut down or reformatted but have no idea whether it is going to work. Simply wetransfer it

to us:

with a basic brief of what you require. We will assess the request and if we think it is impossible we will tell you and supply simple feedback as to why we think as such. If, however we think the result IS achievable, we will do a rough edit or reformat (for free) and send it back to you. If you think the process looks potentially positive and want to proceed we will supply a quote to complete the project BUT this will be split into "phases".

You pay 50% of the next phase and we continue. At the next phase if you are not happy and don't want to continue we end the process and there are no further costs to you ie you do not pay the remaining 50%. If you are happy at that stage you pay the remaining 50% of that phase and 50% of the next phase and we continue until the project is complete. Think of it as a "cost safety net".

A fully completed project gets rewarded further with a 20% discount off the total amount spent on the project at completion.


2) Creations from scratch

Bespoke or tailor made, cost effective, digital content by the 32nd Coffee Club.  Our combined centuries of experience and creativity help us deliver the highest quality content very quickly at a fraction of the cost of a full scale production but we will take care to spend time crafting your project to ensure you get only the best production value for your budget.


1) We source our content from stock footage libraries - saving time, money and "BONUS!" the earth - because of its tiny carbon footprint. We are not a production company  BUT if desired we have the resources to acquire and supply the required footage.

2) We access the finest skill and talent required for a job. Projects are handled on a job by job basis. Overheads are kept to an absolute minimum. If you need a concept we will source the finest freelance copywriters and art directors around. We can take on any size project.


Have a look below.