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With dM you save time creating the content because we've done it for you. You may have clients that offer services like plumbing, electrical, legal and other services etc, and don't have "Special Product Offers" or "Daily Bargains" and just want to say "Hi! We're here when you need us", we have a unique concept that may just work for you and give your customers a smile rather than a reason to swipe.


Customize ROWDi dM videos (by adding logos) and post regularly. You can choose to post as often or as rarely as you like.

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Mossie The Magnificent - How it all began


Whilst travelling in the beautiful South African countryside, my beloved ‘96 4x4 broke down. The universe had decided it was time for me to meet “Mossie the Magnificent mechanic”.

I spent the afternoon in his workshop crying with laughter as he entertained me with hysterical words of wisdom. For the first time ever, I had wished that my automotive problem was bigger so I could have spent more time with him.

Then he asked what I did for a living and when I mentioned that I was in the advertising industry, he asked me how come guys like him don’t get to advertise? Why was it only the "big boys" ?”

And so, inspired by my new friend Mossie, I reached out to some friends in the ad industry and an idea was born - "Awareness achieved with a smile"

Many non - retail businesses may not have "Big Specials" every week or "Today Only" deals but still want to connect with their customers even if it's just to offer up a little smile or bit of relief from the  stresses of the day.

You may find a new way to say "Hello! We're thinking about you right now" - so that hopefully they will always be thinking about you in the future. Think "Syndicated Animated Comic Strip...ish"

Welcome to the Wonderful World of "Mossie the Magnificent and Friends”

Below are just a few examples. There are plenty more…and yes, Mossie, being Mossie, the gallery gets bigger and bigger every week...Please note that all clips exist as single panel (for short message) and multi panel (for special offers etc)

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Mossie 1.PNG
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Mossie is always on the move so we can place him in or outside the location of your choice
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Mossie Westpack TN.JPG

 Mossie has his own gallery full of quirky, funny messages and jokes that you can customize and use to give your customers a little smile. If you are keen to use them to increase customer awareness and engagement please send us your email address and we will send you new clips as they are created. If you like the clip you simply give us the thumbs up, we will add your logo and contact details and send you a watermarked copy. If you are happy, you make payment and we will send you an unwatermarked version for you to post and impress your customers.


Today Is is a really good way to connect, engage, entertain and increase your (or your clients) followers on a daily basis without trying to sell them anything (except Top of Mind branding). It's just good fun. Have a look at some of the examples below:

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Today Is Jan  7-000000.png
Today Is Jan 14-000000.png
Today Is Jan 17-000000.png
Today Is Jan 22-000000.png
Today Is Jan 27-000000.png

Nothing like a fun, cost effective way to keep all of your social media platforms fresh and alive.


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