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This bespoke AV (including the footage, Vfx, music and VO) cost just over R100K. It is for in house presentations and website viewing. Not for TV.


Below is a brand new concept that we have been developing together with experienced, award winning creative teams (film directors, creative directors, Copywriters, Art Directors, Editors and Sound Designers). These are cost effective ads that have been made up specifically for those companies looking for best value for money but highest quality Ads.

This ad needed to demonstrate Life Insurance for TV and the Internet. (It came in at just under R130K)

(Because we are mentioning the price we had to change the name)


This TV Ad was made for a (non local) power utility and came in at just under R320K.

(Again we had to blur the company because we mention the cost)

Not all brands use ads to sell their products. Some use ads to sell a lifestyle or celebrate excellence. Here is an example of an ad that champions the “Tenacity of Entrepreneurs” and came in it just under R295K

(Again we had to change the company name because we mention the cost)