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Every business is unique and special. What we do all share, however, are CUSPs - Common Unique Selling Points.

"We are Quicker!", "We are Cheaper!", "We are more Reliable!" etc.

We have a lot of fun creating these clips and picked just a few examples to show you.

Unfortunately for copyright reasons we cannot show them all

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If you like what you see you simply let us know via email.

We will let you know artwork specs etc and send you a watermarked version for your approval.

Once happy you make payment and we deliver your unwatermarked version ready for posting.

TV style ads for your site or Social Media platforms at a fraction of the cost.

When it's all about SPEED

Speed TN1.JPG
Speed 2.JPG

When it's all about SERVICE and RELIABILITY

Service TN1.JPG
shop online.JPG
Sports Goods TN.JPG
made u look.JPG

When it's about those SPECIAL DAYS

Mothers Day TN.jpg
Mothers Day 2 TN.PNG

These clips are a bit more expensive as they involve quite a few more fees etc BUT we have made them "multi use" (Many can use) to amortise the costs.
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